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marzo 4, 2009

Me robo completo el post de Sociología Contemporánea para poner este video de Tom Lehrer dedicado a la sociología. Especialmente a la parte científica de esta ciencia social, es decir, la estadística. Que no me gusta.

A todo esto, ¿es la estadística la única parte científica de las ciencias sociales? Si no, ¿cuáles otras?

Tal vez la metodología, y no sólo la cuantitativa. Bueno también dejo los lyrics (dije que me robaba todo el post).

Is the change
They’re trying to arrange
Today in sociology

In their attics
Are learning mathematics
Just for sociology

By equation
They all feel it’s much more satisfactory
They, in an ivory steeple
Far away from all people
They do research in sociology

Who wrote lies
Now present them in disguise
A cinch in sociology

Quite abstract
Without one single fact
Disblended sociology

Who used words
Now all talk in terms of X and Y and Z
They can take one small matrix
And really do great tricks
All in the name of sociology

Who wrote prose
Now write algebra, who knows
It may be sociology

Full of Sigma and Chi squared
And full of sociology

They consult
Sounding occult
Talking like a Mathematics PhD
They can snow all their clients
By calling it science
Although it’s only sociology